Q: Can I measure myself?

A: Yes! Measuring yourself with a soft measuring tape is a good place to start when you’re unsure of your current bra size. This is also a great idea if your body has changed since your last bra fitting or purchase.

Q: Do PINK Bras fit differently than other Secret Bras?

A: A PINK bra’s Band fits just like the Band of any Secret bra. The difference between our PINK bras and those in our other bra collections is in the Cup coverage: you can expect a flirtier, more revealing Demi cut from PINK. Want more information on PINK Bras? Explore the PINK Bra Guide.

Q: Do Sport Bras fit differently than other Secret Bras?

A: We’ve designed our sport bra sizing to be consistent with our everyday bra sizing; so, you don’t have to find a new size in Secret Sport. If, for example, you wear a 34B in our other bra collections, we recommend that you choose a 34B (or alpha Size S) in any of our Sport bras. The fit, itself, will be the same. What’s different is the way a sport bra should feel: comfortable, but allover snug and super secure. No matter your cup size, excessive movement & bounce can lead to discomfort. That’s why we design every Secret Sport bra to compress and hold everything in place, reducing bounce by as much as 74%. It’s something your regular everyday bra simply cannot do. Need help in deciding which Sport bra matches your workout? Explore the Sport Bra Guide.

Q: Which Victoria’s Secret bra style is best for me?

A: We recommend viewing our Angel Bra Guide for help finding your perfect style. A brief description of common bra styles is also available here.

Q: How should by bra fit?

A: Your band should sit level on your back; snug, but not uncomfortably tight. Your cups should fit smoothly without spilling over or with space between your body and your bra. Your straps should stay put without slipping or digging. For more details, click here.

Q: Which hook-and-eye setting should I use?

A: Your Band should provide 80% of your bra’s support. So, it’s important that you choose the hook-and-eye setting that fits comfortably, but snugly (without being too tight). Because elastic stretches over time, we recommend that you start each new bra on the loosest possible setting that offers you that snug fit. You’ll then have one or more tighter settings that you can use, as your Band’s fit begins to relax. ADDITIONAL TIP: Be sure to wear a different bra each day, so that each one can “rest” and recover its off-body shape. They’ll last longer.

Q: What Cup size should I choose when I’m fuller on one side?

A: To keep your fuller side smooth and free of spilling, we recommend that you choose the Cup size that fits that fuller side. You may then “fill in” the other Cup with a soft insert, like those you’ll find in our Stores.
For even more help in creating & caring for a bra wardrobe fit for an Angel, view our Angel Bra Guide.